Discreet Relief with Emerald Daze

Understanding that CBD enhances your quality life is only half the battle, the other half is finding a convenient (read: discreet) way to imbibe it at home or on the go. Emerald Daze takes the unique but familiar approach of using an inhaler and offers a product that you would be comfortable using at the dinner table, at a dinner party, seated next to your curmudgeonly boss.

This MDI (metered dose inhaler) is built to provide an even and exact dose down to the last breath. The CBD is in a liquid suspension and powered by the exact same propellant used in pharmaceutical respiratory medicines. A familiar form factor and one button operation make it easy to use even if you’ve never held an inhaler before. It’s that simple.

Experiencing CBD in this new way is unique for a handful of reasons. Like smoking, I can feel the effects nearly instantly. No waiting for the onset or that “is it working yet?” moment, especially if taken sublingually (i.e under the tongue). Unlike smoking, no combustion, fiber, chlorophyll or burning plant products. Only the selected cannabinoids. One or two short bursts later and my dosage is right where I want it. I know exactly what to expect each and every time. Additionally, and maybe most important, CBD has been shown to work as a bronchodilator and open the airway passages just as well as prescription medicines without the uncomfortable side effects.

Where Plant Meets Medicine

Created by Christi Powell, a nationally accredited respiratory practitioner who had witnessed firsthand the life-changing powers of CBD. She sought to make a product that relied on her years in the field of medicine. Additionally, the experience of making award-winning cannabis salves and watching the market for years.

Now she has a product that works like a pharmaceutical product and is accessible to all ages. Nothing about it is intimidating and that goes for the light herbal taste. A bit sweet, a bit floral, and just bordering on the edge of medicinal, quite pleasant really. An excellent option for those who dislike the taste of cannabis or the fact that cannabinoids are typically loaded into calorie-laden

emerald daze, daily leaf

candies and chocolates.

Producers are always wary to make health claims, and I don’t begrudge them, but it makes talking about the benefits of CBD difficult. When a company can s


ee the relief and testimonials rolling in from users it shows that all of their hard work has paid off. I suppose that’s why Christi continues to work and refine her products, there seems to be a new person every day who recognizes the benefits of CBD use.

This product perfectly fills that niche of quality and dependable products for those seeking relief. Something not always easy to find on the shelves of cannabis retailers. I’m told that this is only the beginning. We can expect THC products and those with specifically chosen terpene profiles in the product pipeline. Expect a full roll out this summer and ask your local shop to carry it if they don’t already.

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