Emerald Daze, LLC. was founded by a respiratory therapist of 30 years. At first, she found CBD to be an efficient vaso-dilator. It didn’t take long to become impassioned about bringing hemp-based therapies to patients, having experienced the pain and suffering of chronic health difficulties both as a provider and a patient. She used CBD therapies to improve her own health.Then, she ardently began to share that relief with others. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the care of others provided the basis for an ethical company focused on well-being and whole-body balance using natural products.

Emerald Daze plans to continue research and development of cannabis and hemp-based medications. Our focus is to provide the best products available to our patients/customers. It is our goal to offer respite to all those who need it, as well as to work with our partners to further understand hemp medicine. It is our belief that hemp-based medications could forever change the way we treat our ailments, aches, and pains. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this development. We hope to offer treatment and relief to those suffering!